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Neurofeedback Training (NFT)

We have availability for May and can accommodate new bookings requests

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Neurofeedback Training

First Consultation:

2 hr


Weekly Sessions:

1 hr

€120 per session

Your options:


If you would like to get in touch with us first, use our contact form.

Neurofeedback Training (NFT) is a type of brain training that is based on learning through operant conditioning.

Through the non-invasive and painless method of quantitative electroencephalogram (EEG), NFT measures and records your brain wave activity.

The way that your brain training works is that, when you are using your brain in ways that will help you with the behaviours that you wish to train in yourself (your personal, behavioural goals), you will be rewarded (positive feedback) with the continuation of a visual-audio stimulus of your choice that you will watch in our clinic’s screen.

What you get:
NFT Consultation:
1. A Psychology Intake Interview & QEEG recording of your brain
2. The Interpretation & Feedback by our Clinic's Neuroscience-Experts.

Weekly Sessions:
We will send you a link to our calendar for you to book your weekly sessions.

Differently from the case of Psychotherapy, in which your behavioural goals are stated and the therapist works with you verbally to help you actively train such goals, in Neurofeedback Training (NFT), the behavioural goals that you've chosen to work on are targeted in terms of your brain so that you can train them directly and neurologically, with no conscious effort from your part!

Over time, when Neurofeedback Training is practised regularly, areas in your brain with deviances will clear and adapt, helping you to concentrate better, focus for more extended periods, and interact more positively, enabling your brain's neuroplasticity.

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