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Very often, the answers to our life's issues are right in front of us, although we might struggle to recognise them during our most difficult times.

This is why we have made a list of quick, summarised 'antidotes' to particular emotions that we might have. This shortlist can be used as an immediate reflective resource during our most difficult times.

  • Antidote for Anxiety: Self-Confidence

  • Antidote for Depression: Gratitude and Self-Compassion

  • Antidote for Fear: Exposure to feared situations

  • Antidote for Low Self-Esteem: Collect and Recognise one’s Efforts and Achievements (Be the person you wish to Become)

  • Antidote for Need for Control (including OCD tendencies and Perfectionism): Audacity to dare to overcome one’s rules and self-rigidity

  • Antidote for Grief: Inner Peace and Self-Care

  • Antidote for Resistance: Acceptance

  • Antidote for Confusion: Trust in one’s intuition

  • Antidote for Loneliness and Emptiness: Clarity (understand what it is that one is lacking, what it is that one wants, and how to obtain that)

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