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The things we eat could change the way we feel

Easter holiday traditions could include a range of activities or a fancy dinner, depending on your preferences. There is no denying that sometimes the best part of any holiday is the food shared with family and friends! Whichever way your family chooses to celebrate, if at all, it is important that we also remember about staying healthy now, and going forward. The food we share can be the staple around which people gather to celebrate any special occasion. However, THE FOOD WE EAT CAN ALSO CHANGE THE WAY WE FEEL, so consider mindful eating. Whether your family eats their big Easter meal at 12 pm or 6 pm or your friends calls it Sunday Brunch instead, it is important to know your basic food requirements for mental wellbeing. Make sure you enjoy the food you eat, and to eat a range of foods that you do enjoy! But, as there is plenty of choice for ingredients towards benefitting your being, you can take you pick in what suits your needs and palate the best. Whatever you do try to enjoy your life, and with it we hope you enjoy your meals! We, at Dublin Mind Clinic, also wish you a lovely Easter Holiday Season / Celebrations of the first full moon day of the Spring. After the long days of winter in the northern hemisphere, the return of good weather should be celebrated, and with it the nourishment that we need to sustain life.

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Did you know that eating well can also improve your sense of wellbeing and with it your mood. We don't have to wait for signs of illness to start cultivating a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes eating healthy may seem like a complicated task, however see if you can try some of these tips to start making small changes to your diets.

Some of the Basics:

  1. Stay hydrated: even mild dehydration can affect your mood, energy levels and the ability to concentrate.

  2. Eat Regularly: to stop the blood sugar levels from dropping, which can make you feel tired or bad tempered.

  3. Have balanced meals, which include:

Healthy fats to keep your brain working well,

Wholegrains, fruits and vegetables which contain the micronutrients your brain and body needs to stay well.

Proteins in every meal, to ensure adequate intake of amino acids, which your brain needs to regulate your mood.

The Balance of any ecosystem determines the health of the whole system. Approximately 90% of all cells and genetic material in the human body belongs to the gut flora, which is made up of a mixture of various microbes living in our digestive tract. As you are an Ecosystem, your gut can reflect how your feeling: if you're stressed it can speed up or slow down. Healthy food for your gut includes a range of foods. Abnormal gut flora can damage the integrity of the gut wall, making it porous and leaky. This can lead to poisonous chemicals being absorbed through the damaged gut lining, and entering the bloodstream. This may lead your body towards disease or decline in your mental health.

Some useful recipes for healthier diet include a reminder to Enjoy the foods you eat.

  1. Recipe for Wellbeing: Try mindful eating, that is to pay attention to how you feel when you eat, and what you eat, to help you make sure that meals are well balanced.

  2. A Recipe for Balance: try to enjoy a range of foods in each of your meals, to ensure adequate intake of various nutrients necessary to function well in your body and mind.

  • Complex Carbohydrates

  • Lean Proteins

  • Fatty Acids

  • Micronutrients

There are multiple sources for any essential nutrients that your body needs to function well. There's something for everyone's taste and need, our planet produces the most wonderful variety of foods for us to enjoy. We hope you enjoy your meals, and that the meals you enjoy add to your wellbeing.

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