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If you are going through any difficult times in your life, if you feel overwhelmed, lost, confused, lonely, or you would just like someone to talk to and to help you clarify your mind and organize your ideas..

we are here to help YOU make positive changes to your life!

At Dublin Mind Clinic, we are committed to helping you see how your problems may be affecting you, so that you can better understand yourself, accept yourself, and discover parts of yourself and of your life history that you might not have known yet.

By means of this self-understanding, -acceptance and -discovery, deep change can occur – from within yourself and toward your entire life circumstances. 

How Can Our Therapy Benefit You?

Our goal is to help you build on your internal resources towards becoming the person that you wish to become and towards building the life that you wish to have.


To do this, we offer short- to long-term Psychotherapy, which consists of a series of conversations between you and the therapist about, who you are, how you feel, and how you view your life and the world, in light of your deepest desires and fears.


These conversations are conducted with great sensitivity and empathy, in the confidential space of our clinic.

What our Clients say

I have been attending Michelle in the Dublin Mind Clinic since it first opened, and could not recommend her highly enough. The set-up is very professional (with clinical psychology & psychotherapy) offering both face to face and online consultations. Michelle is not just a great listener, but also organiser too, in terms of structuring each session with each one building on the previous week.

I have found this service to be of huge benefit. 


Dublin, 43 years


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