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Embracing Complexity: BOTH/AND versus EITHER/OR Mindsets

  • BOTH/AND thinking enables you to navigate life by acknowledging and embracing its complexities.

  • In contrast, EITHER/OR thinking limits us to one perspective at a time, disregarding others' experiences.

  • The essence of BOTH/AND lies in the belief that multiple truths can coexist simultaneously, respecting everyone's unique experiences.

I am both brave AND sometimes I get scared.

I am both grateful for what I have AND I know it's okay to be unhappy sometimes.

I am both hurt by what my partner done AND I know that people make mistakes and they are also dealing with their own struggles.

I am both happy to be a parent AND I can admit sometimes it's very hard.

I am both a strong person AND sometimes I need help.


  • Makes room for everybodies pain

  • Honours the complexity of lifes experience

  • Can relieve anxiety

  • Promotes healing

  • Encourages relationship growth

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