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Assert Yourself: Self-reference, Autonomy, and Assertiveness

Learn how to understand and remain within your own perspective in life based on how you feel about things (Self-reference).

Learn how to discern your grounds – beliefs, feelings, doings, and needs - from those of others and to only assume responsibility for those that are yours (Autonomy).

Learn to protect and express your grounds; whilst remaining faithful and truthful to yourself and enacting your fullest potential (Assertiveness).

  1. Self-reference:

Use self-reference, the wisdom that stems from paying attention to how you feel about situations, to guide you to understand your perspective about things in life and how you would like to respond to them. Throughout this self-reference process, learn to remain within your own perspective in a focused, concentrated manner.

2. Autonomy:

Stemming from your self-reference practice, learn to discern your suffering from others' suffering; and your happiness from that of others. As a result, you identify with and are sure of what you are thinking, feeling and doing about something, and you know what your responsibility is vs. that of others. This way, you stand your ground more firmly and efficiently throughout your interactions and relationships with others and your life situations.

3. Assertiveness:

As a result of your autonomy practice through your self-reference, train to recognize, protect, and express your grounds, i.e., your truths, beliefs, and needs. This, in turn, enables you to be more efficient at helping others and being at your best potential to interact with and respond to your life situations because you are fully present in who you are, your full potential, and your necessary boundaries. Consequently, you are faithful to your presence in its entirety and actively express your fullest potential in all of your life's situations.

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