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Happy Healthy Easter!

A few tips for limiting your child's sugar intake, from our Nutrition services expert and specialist Anna Szmaj, Nutritional Therapist, Dietitian, Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Practitioner, and the Founder of GAPS Diet Clinic in Ireland.

1. Skip sugary drinks. These drinks are one of the biggest sources of refined sugar and empty calories in a child’s diet.

  • A better idea: Sweeten plain water with slices of fruit.

2. Don’t use sweets as a reward. It’s tempting to offer your little one a treat for all of his many accomplishments, but in the long run, this might just cause them to expect a sugary snack for every job well done.

  • A better idea: Try preparing fruits or vegetables with fun.

3. Avoid linking candy to comfort. When your child gets upset, don’t automatically reach for his favorite candy. This could set up an unhealthy relationship between emotions and high-calorie foods.

  • A better idea: When your child needs a boost, offer kisses.

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